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Coconut-peanut curry

In-a-Hurry Coconut-Peanut Curry

One of my constant sources of yoga inspiration is Kathryn Budig. She’s funny, super talented and apparently also a foodie.  I found her recipe for Sun Butter and Coconut curry on Yoga Journal and put it in my queue to try however, before I could get to the store to buy the Sun Butter (made from sunflower seeds) and rice… Read more →

Thoughts on Money and Happiness

It’s been way too long since I’ve written for the sake of writing for myself.  I’ve had this weighing on my mind for a bit and I thought it would be a fitting piece to use as return to blogging.   Please do not equate money to happiness.  If you cannot find happiness without money you most certainly will never… Read more →


Worth Planting: Chamomile

I have decided that chamomile is a herb that everyone should grow instead of grass. I planted some chamomile in a “tough” grow area in front of my house and was delighted far beyond expectations how it grew hundreds if not thousands mini-daisy like flowers.  Chamomile goes much farther than just a “cute little flower.”  It’s often made into a… Read more →

Life as an Urban Farmer – Hatching Chicks

One thing that has brought absolute joy to my life has been keeping chickens.  I currently have eight of a multitude of breeds.  After a year of all this chicken awesomeness, I decided that I would like to share my giddiness and hatch my own batch of chicks. My rooster, “General” is an Olive Egger that was SUPPOSED to be… Read more →