Worth Planting: Chamomile

I have decided that chamomile is a herb that everyone should grow instead of grass. I planted some chamomile in a “tough” grow area in front of my house and was delighted far beyond expectations how it grew hundreds if… Continue reading

Pause for Intention

Between receiving a journal from my mother for Christmas and digging through some old memoirs for remnants of wisdom from my recently passed grandma, fate led me to revisit a prompt-giving journal for the third time.  This particular guided… Continue reading

Yoga Luna, I Love You!

When I bought my cute little casa, nestled near downtown Loveland I was seriously bummed to find there wasn’t a more happening yoga scene. Chantal Febvre and Yoga Luna are hipping up the Loveland yoga culture in a big way.… Continue reading


I’ve been going to yoga. Not a super human accomplishment but I’m still recovering from ACL surgery so it makes me at least feel human.

It’s common (or so it seems) for the instructor to have yogis set their intention… Continue reading

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